City of Melbourne

Working with City of Melbourne we created seasonal campaigns to increase awareness of the city as the number one destination for exciting experiences. We created a creative strategy that positioned a visit to the city as a series of ‘Melbourne moments’ - the fine grain experiences that are unique to the city. These experiences were articulated though a creative execution that highlighted the benefit of the proximity of the city and the quality of fine grain experiences. This was expressed through a multi-channel campaign that included digital, outdoor, print and social.

By defining the City’s diverse offer in winter we helped build recognition that the fine grain experiences in ‘the Land of Inbetween’ are truly unique and valuable to Melbourne visitors.

We engaged decision makers with a proposition that is an attractive, viable and relevant alternative to regular winter plans.

By creating informing communications we helped visitors easily access the opportunities the city has to offer, in a way that makes it easy to plan for – before and during their visit.

This combination proved a great motivator that increased footfall traffic in the Melbourne CBD – persuading visitors and locals that the city has more to offer in terms of product, value and amenity than any other offer in Victoria.