Working with one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds, we helped redevelop the strategy and reposition the brand as the super for everyday Australians. We defined the vision and purpose for AustralianSuper through the revision of every touchpoint, tone of voice, photography, internal engagement and brand guardian program.

At AustralianSuper, we were founded on the idea of putting members first: making things simpler, more helpful, and transparent, so every member has the chance to make the most of their retirement.

Everything that we do has members in mind—because we’re not just committed to members, we understand where they’re coming from. Our clear and compelling illustrations, relatable imagery, and friendly and human typeface show the world that we’re not some big institution speaking down to members. We’re people serving people.

Our brand voice is the way we express ourselves verbally, visually and even in our behaviour. If our messages and proof points are what we say, our voice is how we say it.