February 21st, 2017

The future of retail property

The retail landscape has been flipped on its head in the last 10 years. The rise of ‘e-commerce’ has forced retailers and property managers alike to find new and innovative ways to remain relevant.

We’ve looked at ways that retailers from around the world are changing to adapt and thrive in this new environment.


Aesop has become synonymous with inspirational retail design and unique experiences.

Aesop compounds the power of brand reinforcing distinct messaging that helps define what the brand stands for in terms of position, values and purpose.  By allowing customers an alternative way to engage with products and services, brands can acknowledge the customers point in the engagement process. Understanding the customer journey   avoids repetitive ‘hard sell’ interactions by replacing them with more rewarding experiences that inform a ‘reason to believe’  that can inspire loyalty and advocacy as well as sales.  This challenge to ‘best practice’ provides exciting possibilities to inspire and differentiate.


The rise of click and collect allows retail to have the best of both worlds, the ease (sometimes) of  online shopping along with the physical interaction within the retail spaces.

The click and collect that allows customers to purchase online and collect the product in-store is becoming a popular option for many FMCG and fashion retailers. While there are third party options for collection points (e.g post offices)smart retailers maximise this opportunity for engagement with the brand. A natural extension of this would be to dedicate a part of the store to these ‘collect’ points allowing a shift in how brands engage with their customers, no longer driven by a ‘hard sell’ the opportunity to explore new ways to engage with customers that challenge conventional best practice creates exciting possibilities.


The pop-up store has gone from a novel use of temporary space to a ubiquitous part of the retail landscape.

Pop-up stores allow retailers to trial experimental offerings as a temporary pop-up giving the benefits of a flagship store without the ongoing cost of a permanent store. The most effective pop-ups often focus on strengthening brand experience rather than selling product. Cycle clothing brand Rapha have evolved the pop up store to cater for a customer that spends most of their time exploring back roads and attending races by creating a mobile pop up store that brings the brand experience/destination to them. With mobile pop ups in 6 different countries the mobile cycling club has become a common sight at international and club level races/events alike, helping to embed the brand in cycling culture and creating a premium destination for cyclists whether they are elite or a weekend warrior.

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